VASER lipo treatment explained

VASER LipoSelection, also known as VASER Lipo, is a liposuction procedure that incorporates the use of ultrasonic energy (high-energy sound waves) to eliminate fat cells. The treatment was FDA approved in 2001, and it has since helped patients all over the world. It only takes one treatment and most patients notice a vast improvement right away. Most treatments take no more than an hour and can be performed in an outpatient center, doctor’s office or hospital. The patient may choose between local or general anesthesia or sedation.
The NHS my not entiterly approve but they do describe the process here
Many UK based practitioners at the leading edge fo the techniqioe went to the US to learn the process, such as this local vaser lipo clinic in Nottinghamshire.
News-medical on the other hand, keeps up with the latest research.

The procedure is quick and simple. First, a fluid is injected into the fatty tissue. This fluid shrinks the blood vessels and expands the fat, making it easier to emulsify, or liquify, without causing any damage. The ultrasound energy is then used to liquify the fat, which is then expelled from the body using a suction cannula.

vaser lipo

VASER Lipo is primarily used as one of the safest treatments for the removal of fat in the abdomen, but it is also refined enough to treat more dense areas of the body. Areas such as the back, breasts (male and female), buttocks, face, neck, arms and thighs (both inner and outer) can all benefit from the treatment. Some physicians have even created a body sculpting technique that removes the fat from muscle groups. This process creates the look of a more defined muscle, and has been used to create “six-packs,” as well as chiseled biceps and triceps.

VASER Lipo has been proven to be more effective and safer than other liposuction procedures currently in use. As a matter of fact, VASER Lipo is a process especially designed to be selective. The ultrasound waves will specifically break up the fat cells while leaving nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues alone. Because the fat is targeted over other tissues, the treatment results in less post-operative bruising, swelling and discomfort.

There is also greater skin and soft tissue retraction than what is seen in traditional liposuction. This immediate skin contraction and tightening can make a significant difference in the healing process and in the post-operative results. The smaller cannulas and probes used in VASER Lipo also leave a smoother skin surface and near-perfect body contouring. Patients that favor cosmetic implants or botox may also consider a procedure that takes the emulsified fat from the original VASER Lipo treatment and transfers it to other parts of the body. Most of these transferred fats are viable to be re-injected and last longer than implants made from synthetic fibers.

Within approximately 12 hours after treatment with VASER Lipo, patients should be able to return to normal activities, barring anything considered strenuous. However, for the first few weeks, some surgeons may recommend the use of compression garments to assist the skin with contracting to the body’s new contours. Though dramatic results are visible right away, the full effect will be seen once the body is completely healed. This can take as little as three months or as long as four months, depending on the area treated.

Remember, though the addition of an ultrasound device to a traditional liposuction procedure can simplify the process and make it much safer, the expertise of an experienced and qualified surgeon is imperative, regardless of the technology used. Always do your research before committing to any type of surgery.